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The Albion variety of strawberry has been sold at our strawberry stand since 2007 and is a favorite among our customers. Albions are sometimes found in grocery stores but taste much better at our stand where the berries are picked fresh daily.The key to this type of strawberry is its unique flavor. The only way to describe the Albion's flavor is to call it a "tangy sweet". This berry is not sour by any means, it is merely a different kind of sweet. Another unique thing about Albions is there shape. They are generally larger in size and more conical in shape, making them ideal for chocolate dipping. At Terry Berries, we also sell long stem Albions for added elegance and convenience in chocolate dipping.


Camarosa berries have been sold at our strawberry stand since the very beginning in 2003. This berry is probably the firmest (along with the Albion) but, unlike the Albion, does not have a tang. This berry is a sweet, standard berry.


Chandler berries, along with our Gaviota variety, is a special variety just grown for our stand. This type of berry is rarely, if never, seen in grocery stores because it is too soft to ship. The thing that sets the Chandler and Gaviota apart from the rest of our varieties is that they are extremely soft and sugary sweet. The hotter the weather the softer and juicier this variety gets!


The Gaviota berry is very similar to the Chandler, however each of our customers usually has a preference between the two types which is why we always offer samples of all our varieties at the stand. This variety is also one of the softer and more sugary sweet types. We call this our "premium" berry.